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DS Range is the world's leading CLOUD based software designed specifically for ranges. Never worry again about lost data. CLOUD based means it is safe and secure. Streamline your range's necessary functions with DS Range a one stop software solution for ranges of all types.



An easily viewable snapshot of your clubs day to day operations. Includes weather, date and time as well as reservations, daily tasks, and shooter visits.

Range Usage

View your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual shooter visits.


This section allows you to close lanes for range maintenance, and assign tasks for staff. Closing lanes will render them unavailable for reservations.


Create and view your shooter reservations.

Self Check In/Out

Allows shooter to register with DS Range, and if registered grants the shooter the ability to log in to a lane.

Customer Database

A working record of every shooter’s address, shooting activity, sales, billing records, and photo ID card

Point of Sale

Allows you to sell and rent your ranges products and range time with exception to firearms unless you have an ATF approved record system (bound book).


Allows you to easily send emails to shooters.


Manage scheduling of classes and special events.


(Membership Status, Range Usage, Employee Tracking, Shooter Activity, Sales, Classes & Events)

Shooter Portal

Grants shooters and members access to their profiles so they can reserve range time and sign up for classes & events.

Range Landing Page

Custom landing page for your range. dsrange.com/YourCompanyName

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use DS Range to sell firearms?
A: DS Range can be used alongside an ATF approved record system (bound book).

Q: Does DS Range integrate with other software?
A: DS Range’s data can be extracted for use with other software/programs, however it does not work in conjunction with any other software/programs.

Q: Do I need my own website to have DS Range?
A: No.

Q: Do I have to have internet to use DS Range?
A: Yes.

Q: Does DS Range work with Apple products?
A: Yes. DS Range can be operated from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Q: Can I use DS Range at multiple facilities?
A: Yes. You can use DS Range at multiple facilities, however each license entitles you to use at one facility. (Meaning purchasing 1 License grants you the ability to use DS Range for 1 Facility, if you wish to use DS Range at another facility you must purchase an additional license. Each additional license can be purchased for 50 percent of the agreed upon price for first license.)

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